How to request certificates

Mail the following to the Student and Educational Affairs Department

1. Request for certificate

Complete the Request for Certificate, available below

2. How to pay the certificate fee

Prepare International Reply Coupon from the post office. International Reply Coupon may be used in lieu of Japanese stamps. Make sure to get enough International Reply Coupon. One International Reply Coupon converts to 130 Japanese Yen. Fukui University of Technology will not do refund of excess.

Requesting one English Graduation Certificate, Sending the Certificate to Asia
One English Graduation Certificate ¥1,100, EMS postage fee ¥1,400, EMS envelope ¥51 
Total ¥2,551
In this case, 20 International Reply Coupon is required.
19 International Reply Coupon is not enough.

3. EMS post

All certificates will be sending by EMS. EMS postage fee depends on the weight of the postage and where to post. Please check the Japan Post’s website for the postage fee.

4. Postage size and weight

【Fukui University of Technology Certificate Size・Weight】

Size Weight
Certificate Sheet A4 5g/per paper
EMS Envelope + File - 90g

5. Where to send requests and inquiries

福井工業大学 学務課
〒910-8505  福井県福井市学園3-6-1
Fukui University of Technology
Student and Educational Affairs Department
3-6-1, Gakuen, Fukui-city, Fukui, 910-8505, Japan