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Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences

Department of Sports and Health Sciences

Key words
Sports management, Marketing research, Local sports event, Sports business, Fitness club and Rugby football

Master of Arts and Sciences / Associate Professor

Tatsuya Funakoshi


National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya , College of physical education , Physical education sports course.
Osaka Kyoiku University , Graduate school of Pedagogy postgraduate course ,Healthy science major , Sports study Master's course

Professional Background

Itoman swimming school Inc. Fitness planning department.
Osaka International University , Faculty of Human Science , Department of Sports Management / Associate Professor

Consultations, Lectures, and Collaborative Research Themes

Management of a local sports event, Operation in a public sports facility, Selection of the outside trust enterpriser, Promotion of the local activation by sports ,Promotion of all sports Society , union and the team.

Main research themes and their characteristics

「A study about the intentionalness and the trend of the visitors to the new winter resort business」

 The sightseeing agency is promoting “New tourism" in Japan. It means the travel form for an experience and an exchange by resource utilization of the area original. A Japanese depopulation area is planning tourist's increase from foreign countries such as Southeast Asia and the Southern Hemisphere by the spread of inbound business. One of the ways is to plan for area activation by new development of the resort business for which a sport was utilized.
 This study was adopted modeled after the winter resort business which started newly in 2018. There was no winter resort facility which started for 14 years except for opening in these facilities in the country. About 56,700 visitors used these facilities in the opening first year. Customer development targets in the season operation company set were 50,000.This operation company checked the value by the visitor first year's, improved a problem and established an operation method in 2nd season.
 Trend analysis of a winter resort business by operation with a new concept makes them expect the suggestion of a clue to develop a similar resort business in other areas.
 This study was made the fact purpose of checking a relation between visitor's intention and grade to the service of new winter resort facility offers and considering the state of the effective servicing in future's resort business. A questionnaire survey to a visitor in model facilities was performed in 2018-2019season. This questionnaire was investigated about visitor's expectation and satisfactory level , "continual use" and "recommendation to others" as the value to the facilities to the service facilities offer. And it was analyzed about those relation.
 A visitor was classified into 4 groups (potential satisfied group , Tangible satisfied group , Dissatisfied group , Indifferent group) from a relation between the expectation level and the satisfied level to the service offered at facilities(Fig.1). A visitor who belongs to each group showed the different tendency of the expectation level and the satisfied level to the offered service. The different tendency was also indicated about "future's continuation use will" and "recommendation will of facilities to others" of the user who belongs to each group(Fig.2).
 This result showed that a check of "the expectation level" and "the satisfied level" to the service offered to a visitor is most important to a promotionof a new resort business. The necessity which plans for "promotion" and "substantiality of service" which fit each group was indicated and to suggest visitor's "future's continuation use" and "recommendation to others".
 And necessity of the approach which plans for a shift for “Indifference group ⇒ Potential satisfied group”, “Dissatisfied group ⇒ Tangible satisfied group" and "Potential satisfaction group ⇒ Tangible satisfied group" was indicated to promote "future's continuation use" and “recommendation of facilities to others“(Fig.3).

Major academic publications

T. Funakoshi, M. Nagamatsu
“Study about the influence a qualification system in Fitness industry exerts on employee’s continuation of duties” , Journal of Physical Education and Sports Science , No.19(volume34)

T. Funakoshi, J. Fujimoto, M. Nagamatsu, M. Chogahara, K. Sasaki
“About the relation between the sports re-assimilation and local sports promotion. -The influence a re-play factor of a rugby player with experience exerts on community building-” , SSF Journal of Sports for Everyone Vol.3-1

“Lifelong sport pragmatic theory(4th edition of revision)” , M. Kawanishi , H. Nogawa writing and editing (joint work) , Ichimura publication , ”Qualification market of a lifelong sport leader"