Faculty Members

Faculty of Environmental and Information Sciences

Department of Design

Key words
Visual communication design, graphic design, design education, planning / products development

Bachelor of Arts / Lecturer

Tetsuya Tamano


Graduated from Musashino Art University, Faculty of Art, Department of Visual Communication Design. FABRICA Applied Arts and Communications Research Center (Italy)

Professional Background

Senior Designer at FABRICA (Italy), Art Director at UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON (Italy), Lecturer at Musashino Art University, Full-time Lecturer at Nara Gakuen University

Consultations, Lectures, and Collaborative Research Themes

General graphic design, new product planning and design for social issues

Main research themes and their characteristics

「Research and development of Emergency Delivery Kit」

 In response to the various natural disasters caused by global warming and the risk of earthquakes, such as the possible occurrence of earthquakes in the area directly below the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Nankai Trough interlocking earthquake, it will be necessary to raise disaster preparedness awareness and to prepare emergency food and emergency medical equipment at home on a daily basis, at a minimum. In this study, we will develop emergency safe and clean maternity kits for distribution to pregnant and nursing mothers in the event of an earthquake, especially to 7-month-old mothers, collect unused kits, and establish a scheme to support these kits in developing countries.
 The medical equipment package named "Emergency Delivery Kit" is designed to enable expectant and nursing mothers in the last month of pregnancy and childbirth to provide appropriate medical care in a clean and safe manner using multiple medical equipment in the event of a disaster that cuts off the social infrastructure or a disaster that leaves them isolated. A number of medical devices, packaged in line with their usage procedures from left to right, can be used in a variety of ways(Photo.1). The instructions are written in easy-to-recognize illustrations only, without the use of a It is designed to be safe for anyone to handle without confusion(Photo.2). In addition, the company has devised ways to prevent the reuse of used equipment and to ensure that all used equipment is reused. The design is simultaneously designed for packaging and sealing as medical waste(Photo.3). These birthing kits have been developed mainly for use in emergency situations, such as when a disaster strikes, but they are also designed to be a universal design that can be used to collect unused birthing kits and send them as relief supplies to developing countries where clean births are difficult to achieve. These designs are "medical devices that house medical equipment used in surgery, delivery, and other medical procedures A patent has been granted for "Inventions relating to a medical container and a medical kit used for medical procedures" (Patent No. 5265764).

Major academic publications

 Tetsuya Tamano, "Practical Examples of College Students Who are Beginners in Graphic Design" p.235-312 Bulletin of Nara Gakuen University, Vol. 3, ISSN 0914-5575 (2015)

 Tetsuya Tamano, "Thinking about Categories" p.62-81, Tetsuya Tamano, "Visualizing the Message" p.144-133 "Basic Issues in Graphic Design", supervised by Ryutaro Shirao, Musashino Art University Publishing (2015)