Faculty Members

Faculty of Environmental and Information Sciences

Department of Design

Key words
Architectural Planning, Architectural Design, Environmental behavior, Renovation, Nursery School, Kindergarten, Children, Play, Behavior observation, Psychological Evaluation, Action Research

Doctor of Eng. / Associate Professor

Daisuke Fujita


Dept. of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Tokai University / Dept. of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Tokai University (Master Course) / Dept. of Social System Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Fukui University of Technology (Doctoral Course)

Professional Background

Research Associate, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Gifu National College of Technology. Nagano Architectural Culture Award Dept. of General Incentive award 2017, Association for Children’s Environment Encouraging Prize of Design 2016, Highest Prize of Matsumoto City of Scenery Award in 2015, Kids Design Award in 2015 / 2016, AIJ Outstanding Prize of Thesis for Master Degree in 1999

Consultations, Lectures, and Collaborative Research Themes

A study on children's play and living environment mainly in infants facilities. Investigation and experiment of various buildings and places using behavior observation and consciousness evaluation method. Request and consultation about interior and architectural design

Main research themes and their characteristics

「Study on architectural planning of childcare facilities」

 Conducting research on behavioral and psychological aspects of childcare facilities. In the behavior observation survey, various methods are used, such as a cross-sectional survey for grasping the flow of activities of the whole childcare facility and a follow-up survey for grasping the detailed movement of each child. On the psychological side, we conduct a wide range of research, such as experiments in which kindergarten children evaluate pre-taken play scene photographs, subjective environmental evaluation experiments using the caption evaluation method, and model evaluation experiments that incorporate the sandplay method. In addition, taking advantage of the characteristics of architectural planning that deals with interdisciplinary areas, in recent years we sometimes give advice to the childcare site about how to use the space that matches the childcare policy, observe the behavior of the children and staff, and exchange opinions with the staff. However, we are also conducting research using the method of action research that creates the environment.

「Evaluation of physical environment using caption evaluation method」

 Experiments using the caption evaluation method are carried out by evaluating the physical environment of the childcare facility and the cityscape. Since children cannot write letters, experimenters are developing experimental methods such as experimenters attending each nursery in the nursery facility and proceeding with the experiment using hearings. As for the cityscape, in the center of the station and in tourist spots, we are studying the physical elements and scenery of young people, which they like and dislike, and why. In recent years, in Wakasa Town, Fukui Prefecture, Working on a study to pick up evaluation items for tourism promotion that are conscious of posting to SNS.

「Designing buildings and spaces that assume people's activities」

 Utilizing expertise in architectural planning and ergonomics, promoting the design of buildings and gardens for childcare facilities. There are a wide variety of building types, including houses, group homes for people with disabilities, childcare facilities, accommodation facilities (renovation), and graves. It features a detailed design proposal that assumes the activities of users. It also provides advice from the perspective of architectural planning and ergonomics to the design plans that the designers are considering.

Major academic publications

 Daisuke Fujita,Toshihiro Yamazaki:Experiment on Infant’s Recognition and Evalution for Each Space and Element in Kindergarten Using Photographic Projection Method, AIJ J. Technol. Des. Vol. 25, No.59, pp.287-292, Feb., 2019

 Daisuke Fujita,Toshihiro Yamazaki:Characteristic of Educational Activity Time in Each Room and Space of Kindergarten, J. Archit. Plann.,No.599,pp.203-208, Jan.,2006

 Kazumi Aoki, Daisuke Fujita:Sasabe nursery school(Design),Matsumoto City,Nagano Pref., Completed in 2015

 Kazumi Aoki, Daisuke Fujita:Komorebi nursery school(Design),Nagoya City,Aichi Pref., Completed in 2012

 Ayako Naka, Daisuke Fujita(Edited):Design method of childcare facility, Gakugei publisher, 2019