Faculty Members

Faculty of Environmental and Information Sciences

Department of Design

Key words
Local City, Urban Design, Public Transport and Land Use, Public Space, Area around the Station, Tourism-based Community Design

Doctor (Engineering) / Professor

Jun Mitera


University of Fukui, Faculty of Engineering, 1998, Graduated
University of Fukui, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, 2006, Doctor's Course, Completed

Professional Background

Professor, Faculty of Environmental and Information Sciences, Department of Design, FUT Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellowship, University of Fukui Headquarters for Innovative Society-Academia

Consultations, Lectures, and Collaborative Research Themes

Urban Design in Local Cities, Region and Transportation Planning, Town development centered on public transportation, Tourism-based Community Design, Design about street spaces and public spaces

Main research themes and their characteristics

「Study on urban regeneration by effectively utilizing existing stock」

 Since the 1960s, along with economic growth in Japan, there has been a strong expansion and growth orientation in various fields. However, the recent rapid aging and population decline have caused a great change in social structure of our country. There is a demand for a shift from traditional values that pursue "economy" and "efficiency" to values that focus on improving "quality of life" such as humanity, stability, and comfort. In future, a research on "town development" with focus on "human dimension" will be necessary in order to aim at the improvement of the quality of each person's life (QOL). In order to make the city attractive and sustainable, "walking" based "regeneration into human-scale urban space" is necessary. Then, the town development that utilized the existing stock is an important key. Particularly, in the research fields focused on "the mutual relationship between public transport and land use",some studies target big cities are seen in before, but there are still few studies target local cities having the small and medium size scale unit, and the data and analysis are also in poor condition too.
 Specifically, this researches are conducted with focusing on the following three points.
 (1) A proposal of evaluation method for local areas around local railway stations considering QOL, (2) Study on difference of cognitive distance between regions where local railway intervenes, (3) Regeneration of central city area considering reduction of side effects of city shrinkage process. Through these studies, we aim to create a "Smart shrink"suitable for the coming era by utilizing existing stocks. By promoting clarification of cognitive distance from a city planning perspective, improvement of QOL, and strategic "Compact City", we will connect them to the study of improvement of urban amenities.

「Study on Design of Pedestrian Rambling which contribute to the tourism-based community design」

 Focusing on sightseeing of cities in Fukui prefecture, we perform the practical study on "the signboard design" which is indispensable to sightseeing. This study shows the processes of "from a design concept to installation of a signboard" in order to let a tourist ramble the city that is "a design of the migration". So far, we have started a practical research "Mikuni Minato Sign Project (Cooperative research with Urban Design Center Sakai, 2019)" to provide information on local resources appropriately, and installed the signboard for tourist. As a mechanism to increase the pedestrian flow, we proposed a design and installation of signboard. We will collaborate with local residents more than ever before, and will propose a new "Design of Pedestrian Rambling" which makes use of our achievement so far.
 This research is a practical research in collaboration with Sakai City, UDCS, Tokyo City University (Nakajima Lab), and University of Tokyo (Urban Design Lab.).

Major academic publications

 Jun MITERA, Yoshiaki HONDA, Study on evaluation and improvement policy of area around the station to reproduce local railways, Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan (39), 43-48, 2004,The City Planning Institute of Japan

 Hideaki OYAMA, Jun MITERA, Yoji KAWAKAMI, A Study on Various Values of the Local Railway through the Recognition of the Residents: A Case of Echizen Railway, Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan 47(3), 319-324, 2012, The City Planning Institute of Japan

 Tatsuro YANAGAWA, Jun MITERA, Yoji KAWAKAMIA, A Study on the Value Recognition of the Echizen Railway by Local Governments, Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3 (Infrastructure Planning and Management) 70(5), I_763-I_769, 2014, Japan Society of Civil Engineers