Faculty Members

Faculty of Environmental and Information Sciences

Department of Design

Key words
Product Design, Interactive Art, Art Workshop, Product Development

Ph.D in Design / Professor

Koichi Nishio


Department of Basic Engineering, University of Tsukuba, University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Art and Design, Master’s Program in Design, University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Science Doctoral Program in Art and Design

Professional Background

Researcher at University of Tsukuba, Design Coordinator at Ibaraki Design Center, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor at Fukui University of Technology

Consultations, Lectures, and Collaborative Research Themes

Art Workshop, Interactive Art, Rapid Prototyping for Products Development

Main research themes and their characteristics

「A Study on Forms and Interaction Design for Scenes of Being Alive」

 As for future product design, while enhancing usefulness by providing useful functions, elements of tenderness and hospitality will be required for higher-leveled product design. In our laboratory, Interactions and forms conducting the theme of "sense of being alive." was focused on. Recently, products with AI (artificial intelligence) have appeared, but it is not possible to interact with AI-equipped devices (AI speakers and AI home appliances) with familiarity as same as touching creatures. It seems that creatures have mechanism that creates mysterious "Familiarity with human" that AI does not have. Aims of this study is clear-up expression and design elements that make us feel "the scenes of being alive" by using Kansei engineering techniques (multivariate analysis, etc.) In addition, we are verifying hypothetical expression elements through the interactive arts. The study consists of the following four parts.

・Extracting expression elements
The produced prototype will be used for evaluation experiment. The expression elements that make us feel "scenes of being alive" are analyzed by multivariate analysis.
・Construction of morphological expression technique
By using 3D scanner to convert the shape into three-dimensional data, we aim to build design process that incorporates the organic shape that creature has and production process using rapid prototyping by 3D printer and CNC.
・Dynamic expression
motion graphics, projection mapping, and expression of "motion" will be applied by physical motion control to product design and art.
・Realization of results by interactive art
Application into products is still a challenge, but the results will be realized through exhibitions of interactive arts.

Major academic publications

 Development of Experimental Device to Study Embodiment of Powered Wheel Chairs, Koichi Nishio, Takashi Hasumi, Hiroya Igarashi, Wonder Ground-Design Research Society International Conference 2006,2006

 Pottery Workshop Design for Medical Settings”Pressed into a pot”:Investigation of Mood and Expression in Specific Pottery Tasks, Sutas Pormpan, Nishio Koichi, IASDR2019 International Association of Socierties of Design Research Conference 2019 DESIGN REVOLTIONS,2019