Faculty Members

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Key words
Regional revitalization, SDGs, Transportation/City Planning, Pedestrians, Cyclists, Regional public transportation, tourism, MaaS, UAV, GIS

Doctor of Eng. / Associate Prof.

Tomonori Yoshimura


Fukui University of Technology Graduate School of Engineering, Master’s Program
Fukui University of Technology Graduate School of Engineering, Doctoral Program

Professional Background

Assistant Professor at Fukui University of Technology, Regional Transportation Manager at Chubu District Transport Bureau, Climate Change Actions Communicator at Ministry of the Environment

Consultations, Lectures, and Collaborative Research Themes

Lecture from Improving traffic conditions in areas that depend excessively on automobiles Efforts toward regional revitalization in recent years
Lecture from Creating Environments for Using Bicycles and Promoting Their Use

Main research themes and their characteristics

「Study on Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning for Future」

 Especially in local cities in Japan, evolved into societies and cities that rely on cars excessively has been done in the past. In the future, it is important to make a paradigm shift. Because in Japan, the decrease of population and the super-aging the future. In this study, We have been tackling of “community building by Transportation "centered on green transportation(Bicycle traffic and public transportation, etc.), which is focused on people, with an eye on 30 or 50 years from now. We are pursue that what is mobility for more satisfy at modern life. Therefore, We make survey into awareness of use by the residents at the introduction of Bus Trigger System, and potential at urban planning through bicycle in regional cities, etc.

「Study on Revitalization and Activation of Regional Community」

 The United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at Summit in 2015. The Japanese government has public the SDGs action plan. Among such efforts, “Resilience, environmentally friendly and an attractive town developments” is one of the significant challenges. In this study, we constructed of a sustainable social system, for contribute to undiscovered attractive local resources, We have been tackling scheme for the efficient utilization both and undiscovered attractive local resources the existing local resources. Therefore, We made survey into an Attempt of Visualize the Value of the Starry Sky and Potential as a Regional Resource, possibility of tourism by green mobility. In addition, We are putting that into practice by community renovation from the point of view of Landscape, Effective use of a vacant house, and tourism, that utilizes Historical landscape( the wooden guest houses, an alley, the beautiful sea at world-famous , etc.). From the above, We contribute in self-sustained community renovation by the residents.

Major academic publications

T.Yoshimura, M.Yamada, S.Kondo, J.Mitera, T.Nakajo, Y.Yoshida
“Possibility of starry sky tourism by green mobility in Fukui prefecture”
Traffic Science Society, Vol.50, No.1(2019), 3-9.

T.Yoshimura, K.Fujita, S.Kondo, H.Nishikawa, J.Mitera, T.Ikeda
“A Study on the Evacuation Routes Derivation for Safe and Sure Guidance in the Historical Landscape Area”
Journal of Disaster Mitigation for Historical Cities, Vol.13(2019), 179-184.

T.Yoshimura, A.Wada
“Study on characteristics of space formed by promenade behaviors”
Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.8(2010), 232-248.