Affiliated Facilities

Technical Support Center

At the Technical Support Center, which is outfitted with cutting-edge facilities, provides students majoring mainly in mechanical systems, automobile systems, and robot development with the opportunity to learn state-of-the-art technological skills. Some of the cutting-edge equipment include the latest high-speed, high-precision machining center, a NC milling machine, and industrial robot. There is also a hybrid car available for technological training.

Classes for the practical training are conducted with a small number of students, using machinery and tools that are actually used in industry. This allows students to thoroughly acquire knowledge and skills, and learn about manufacturing technologies and control technologies in the field of mechanical engineering.


  • Mechanical systems
    Mechanical systems

    Students learn about mechanical systems from the perspectives of energy conservation, the global environment, health, and IT. A broad range of research and development is conducted integrating mechanical technology and electronic technology to make machines more complex, hybrid, intelligent, and systemized. Students also learn about mechanical technology while taking part in hands-on practices such as designing and manufacturing machines using computers.

  • Automobile systems
    Automobile systems

    The automobile systems course pursues the development of environment-friendly cars desired by the community and society. Based on the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and specialized knowledge and skills, students learn about the various principles of automotive engineering. By taking prescribed courses such as automobile engineering, automobile maintenance, vibration engineering, power engineering, and internal combustion engines, students can acquire qualifications to take the test for a certified class II car mechanic upon graduation.

  • Robot Development
    Robot Development

    Robots support modern industry. Comprehensive technology to learn the mechanism of robots is provided in addition to courses concerning mechanical engineering, as well as electrical and electronic engineering, and information engineering. In particular, for the development of robots, the basics of movement, control and development are learned, and research is also conducted to equip robots with intelligent functions for enhanced work performance. Comprehensive abilities are cultivated through practical training in robot design.