Affiliated Facilities

(SSL) Student Space Laboratory

The Student Space Laboratory (SSL) is full of FUT spirit, supporting free thinking and the challenging spirit of students. Students can freely use the university's cutting-edge factory, studio, machinery, and computers to work on projects they designed by themselves. Faculty members are always ready to give words of advice to students upon request from the students. Some projects can even receive subsidies.

When beginning the project...

  • 1. When a SSL project is officially approved, FUT will announce the project to collect students to work on it.
  • 2. If students wish to participate in the project, they may sign up to join the project.
  • 3. When joining a race, please apply with the name "Fukui University of Technology".
  • 4. When joining a race using a car, please put "Fukui University of Technology" or "FUT" on the body of the car.
  • 5. SSL official project's budget is to make something.
  • 6. The fee to join the competition along with any transportation fees are paid by students.
  • 7. Before joining a competition or attending lectures related to projects, students must inform the Student and Educational Affairs Department in advance.
  • 8. When joining a competition, students must join an accident insurance plan.

Project in FUT

  • ・FUT Birdman Project
  • ・ENE 1GP Eco Electronic Car Project