Undergraduate : Departments/Courses

Faculty of Environmental and Information Sciences

Department of Management and Information Sciences

  • Management Systems Course
  • Policy Systems Course
  • Information Systems Course

Cultivating highly skilled engineers who can solve problems in diverse situations through knowledge of management and economy and acquisition of skills related to information sciences.

Among the departments of the Faculty of Environmental and Information Science, the Department of Management Information Science is particularly unique in that it has strong overtones of integration of arts and sciences. By acquiring knowledge in not only marketing and finance, indispensable for corporate management and non-profit organizations, but ICT skills such as programming and information security, as well as economic theory necessary for public policy, students are cultivated to become personnel (e.g. corporate managers, information and ICT engineers) who can discover the problems faced by local governments and companies and forge concrete solutions for these issues.

Department of Management and Information Sciences Key Points
  • 01

    On the foundation of basic theories of management, economy and other relevant studies, students systematically learn about a variety of realms such as marketing, finances, bookkeeping and accounting, and logistics.

  • 02

    Through visits to companies and participation in community development activities, students address the problems of the real world and acquire practical knowledge backed by specialized understanding.

  • 03

    Students will gain skills in information and communication technology, which is said to be indispensable for our lifestyles and social structure today, in a practical manner through hands-on training in courses such as software development.

Systematically study knowledge that supports corporate management in a rapidly changing social environment.Management Systems Course

We will cultivate “business person” who can guide corporate management with conviction, by having students learn about knowledge indispensable for long-term sustainability of companies in this constantly changing social environment.

Solve the various problems of real society by using management methods.Policy Systems Course

In today’s society, it is essential to have the ability to discover and solve problems using not only knowledge from specialized references, but considerations based on experience. By participating in corporate and community activities, students will discover the problems that exist on the ground, and learn methods to plan and propose realistic solutions to those problems.

Acquiring the basics of information systems indispensable in the network society.Information Systems Course

This course covers one of the fields supporting today’s advanced information society. Students will study the technologies of a broad range of areas such as programming, the network, and information security, to grow into personnel who can freely handle information systems.