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Faculty of Engineering

Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

  • Architectural Course
  • Civil Engineering Course

Cultivating engineers who uphold our safe and comfortable lives through knowledge and technology of architecture and civil engineering.

Although the natural environment has been undergoing drastic changes over the recent years, the safe and comfortable lives of people must be protected now and into the future. To this end, while integrating the fields of architecture and civil engineering, we cultivate architecture and civil engineering specialists who can play an active role in a broad range of fields.
In the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, students learn technologies to keep people’s living environments safe from natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, develop a sense of aesthetics to build attractive streetscapes, gardens, and building interiors, and acquire the knowledge needed to maintain a comfortable living environment and urban environment.

Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering Key Points
  • 01

    An educational environment where students can learn not just on campus but also off campus while in touch with actual practice.

  • 02

    Instruction from various aspects by professors who have a wealth of experience in actual practice, education and research.

  • 03

    A curriculum that developer criativity to keep people’s living environments safe and comfortable while studying the basics of architecture and civil engineering.

Learn the techniques of architecture in a variety of fields from an engineering perspective.Architecture course

From the smallest unit of living space to public facilities such as schools and museums, and even large-scale architecture such as skyscrapers, knowledge and technologies in various fields of architecture are educated from an engineering perspective.

Learn the techniques of civil engineering and disaster mitigation that ensure the safe sustainability of society.Civil Engineering Course

Japan is the natural disaster-pronecountry because of its natural and geographical conditions. We will cultivate engineering professionals who can play active role in the realization of a society where we can always live with a sense of security.