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Admissions Policy (Graduate)

In the knowledge-based society of the 21st century, there are growing societal needs for graduate schools to train professionals with highly specialized knowledge and skills and to raise globally competent engineers who can engage in research and development in various fields of industry. At the Graduate School of Engineering, Fukui University of Technology, education is conducted with the aim to have students gain deep knowledge based on a broad perspective and cultivate the capabilities necessary in occupations that require high specialization or research capabilities for theory and application in specialized fields.
To achieve these goals, the Graduate School of Engineering welcomes the following students.

  • AP1

    Students who are interested in science and technology in various fields of engineering, and who have strong motivation to study and learn.

  • AP2

    Students who wish to gain a broad education as well as good sense and ethics, and aspire to play an active role as engineers and researchers in the fields of engineering.

  • AP3

    Students who wish to analyze the trends of the times based on an international perspective and use their advanced specialized knowledge for the good of society.