Employment results

Fukui University of Technology boosts a high rate of employment upon graduation.
Our graduates obtain technical knowledge and take a new step as technical experts with intelligence and morality.

Higher education and employment statistics.

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(The unit : person)

Faculty of Engineering Graduate School of Engineering Total
The number of graduate 534 19 553
The number of job seekers 501 16 517
The number of individuals entering employment 499 16 515
The number of individuals proceeding to higher education 25 3 28
Rate of employment 99.6% 100.0% 99.6%

The employment ratio of the area

The employment ratio of the area

Location of employment

Hokkaido & Tohoku Area 1
Kanto Area 102
Hokushinetsu Area 285
Chubu Area 37
Kinki Area 65
Chugoku & Shikoku Area 7
Kyushu & Okinawa Area 2
Other Area (overseas) 0
Total 499

Job offer by industries

The employment ratio of the area

The vacancy number of companies

(The unit :Company (Corporation))

The vacancy number of companies 4,148
Manufacturing 1,250
Construction 677
Computer Service 597
Other Services 409
Wholesale, Retail 363
Civil Construction Engineering 287
Academic research specialities, Technical Service 167
Communications, Transport 72
Electric, Gas, Heat supply, Water 56
Hotels, Restaurants, Lifestyle related 55
Medical, Welfare 50
Finance, Insurance 36
Real Estate 33
Education 33
Other 63