1949 Hokuriku Electrical School established in Fukui City.
1965 Fukui University of Technology was approved for its establishment.
(Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering).
1966 Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
1973 Department of Applied Physics
(Currently, Department of Environmental and Food Sciences) established.
1985 Graduate School of Engineering established.
1987 Department of Management Science
(Currently, Department of Management and Information Sciences) established.
2002 Cooperative Research Center (CRC) opened.
2005 Department of Applied Nuclear Technology established.
2009 Department of Design established.
2011 Department of Industrial Business and Engineering established.
2015 Faculty of Environmental and Information Sciences and Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences established.
FUT Awara Gymnasium on the Awara campus.
2017 Completion of Kanai Educational Institution Gymnasium
2018 Completion of Kanai Educational Institution Butokuden Martial Arts Hall