Department of Design

  • Urban Design Course
  • Media Design Course

To be a designer who creates new lifestyles.

This is the age where design leads lifestyles. in this 21st century, as we reconsider the style of mass production and mass consumption, demands are rising for creation of new value through design. In the Department of Design, we have prepared a wealth of practical training courses from the first year. Based on extensive“hands-on education,” through detailed instruction that matches the capabilities of each individual student and experiences in making works, we will cultivate designers of the new age.

Department of Design Key Points

In the first year, students will learn about the environment,
food, and biotechnology based on chemistry and biology.
In addition to a substantial fundamental education, from the second year,
students acquire expert knowledge and skills on the environment and food.
A practical curriculum that places importance on experiments and hands-on learning helps deepen the students’ understanding of the contents of the classes.

Acquire knowledge and skills in a broad range of areas starting
from the fundamentals in order to design living environments and products.
Urban Design Course

Students will learn methods of design ranging from the houses we live in, the interior, and furniture, to large-scale architecture and outside environment. The objects of design come in shapes big and small, from small living items around us to household appliances, stationery, and automobiles. Students will study design of all kinds of things and spaces essential to our lives.

Graphics, the Web, moving images. Acquire creative media expression that moves people’s hearts. Media Design Course

Every day we receive a multitude of information through various media such as magazines, advertisements, TV, and the Internet. Creating such information content is enjoyable and stimulating work. In this course we foster designers and creators who can play active roles in a wide variety of fields such as graphic design, CG, the Web, and moving images.

Learn through six curriculum models to find your own future. Curriculum Model

There are so many different types of studies within reach when students take full advantage of the curriculum of the Department of Design. This has been made visible through the development of six new curriculum models. Students will be able to grow to professionals in each field of study by composing their own individual learning paths, using these curriculum models as reference. Students can select their own models freely and at their own volition. Students may also change their curriculum of study along the way or arrange their own individual curriculums.

Curriculum Models
Urban design
Architectural and interior design
Product design and product development
Product planning
Web design and CG
Graphic design, video, and advertising production
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