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Department of Environmental and Biological Chemistry

Gain knowledge and skills in chemistry and biology that are essential for R&D in cutting-edge fields

Chemistry is deeply related to our daily lives. It not only underpins automobile manufacturing, electronics, and other cutting-edge industries and technologies, but also plays a key role in solving problems concerning the environment and energy. In our department, students can gain knowledge and skills in chemistry and biology that are essential for research and development in pioneering fields such as organic solar cells and organic EL devices, as well as biodegradable polymers, environmentally compatible polymers, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and environmental analysis and environmental monitoring.


Materials Chemistry Course

Learn the fundamentals of chemistry and its applications

Specialized knowledge of chemistry is indispensable for research and development in cutting-edge fields such as biodegradable plastics, solar cells, and organic EL devices.
In this course, students can learn the basics of creating such materials and other materials that are friendly to the environment. In addition to gaining specialized knowledge in materials science and environmental science, students can also experience the joy of creating products through experiments using our substantial lineup of the latest equipment. In addition, we have a student-centered policy for classes and instruction, which encourages personal dialogue between student and faculty. In each class, the instructor and students exchange “shuttle notes” to record questions and answers.
Our aim is to cultivate students who can say that they now clearly understand those invisible atoms and molecules, and find chemistry to be interesting and also fun.

Biological Chemistry Course

Develop a questioning mind and application ability

Students will learn the basics of biological phenomenon, and find how many living organisms live in symbiosis with the natural environment and what kind of biological functions they have. Students will also learn the techniques underlying biotechnology such as recombinant DNA technology and cell culture techniques, and use biotechnology to explore topics such as the effective utilization of enzymes and unused biological resources that exist in abundance in the natural world.
Our advanced facilities for learning biotechnology and life science are state-of-the-art. This has led to research accomplishments and high appraisal that our students have skills that can be used immediately after entering the company. Their career paths after graduation are also expanding in fields such as food, environment, fiber, and chemistry.

Key Points

  • Learn from the fundamentals of chemistry and biology to cutting-edge science and technology
  • Gain a broad range of knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge
  • Learn methodology for carrying out experiments and apply this to the graduation project

Possible Licensure/Certification Eligibility

  • Pollution control manager
  • Hazardous materials engineer
  • Poisons and deleterious substances control manager
  • Environmental measurer
  • Bioengineer
  • Etc.

Major Career Paths After Graduation

  • Companies related to chemical manufacture
  • Companies related to pharmaceutical and medical products
  • Companies related to semiconductor manufacture
  • Companies related to environmental analysis
  • Energy-related companies
  • Food field
  • Fiber industries
  • Fermentation industries
  • Public employee
  • Graduate school
  • etc.
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