Department of Applied Nuclear Technology

  • Nuclear Engineering Course
  • Applied Radiation Course

The first specialized university department in Japan with the mission to ensure a safe and secure future for the world.

Currently there are only three universities in Japan which adopt nuclear technology as the department name. As the first among these universities to be established, we have been sending graduates out to the world since 2009 to uphold safety in the nuclear energy and radiation application fields. Through small classes and practical learning, we give thorough support to all students to acquire practical knowledge. Furthermore,in order to cultivate “engineers who are approachable,” we also have a curriculum that fosters communication skills and ethics, providing education that aims for the continuation of safety.

Department of Applied Nuclear Technology Key Points

Students acquire knowledge to protect the safety of society through internships with Kansai Electric Power Company and Japan Atomic Energy Agency and joint practical training with other university students.
Students gain knowledge of nuclear energy and radiation application to acquire qualifications such as a radiation protection supervisor and associate professional engineer (nuclear, radiation field).
Leveraging its education and research agreements with Canada’s University of Ontario Institute of Technology as well as Vietnam’s Da Nang University, FUT is equipped with an environment to raise engineers who can play a role on the global stage.

Cultivating engineers with expertise in nuclear energy who develop the nuclear energy Nuclear Engineering Course

Students will acquire specialized knowledge of nuclear technology after learning the basics such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and radiation. Through faculty with diverse specialties and backgrounds, substantial educational facilities, and hands-on studies at outside facilities and nuclear power plants, students will acquire on-the-ground skills in nuclear energy.

Cultivating specialists with expertise in applied radiation who are needed by society. Applied Radiation Course

After mastering basic knowledge such as biology, chemistry and physics, students will acquire special knowledge in radiation technology. Through interesting lectures, experiments and practical training provided by faculty from a variety of specialized areas, we aim to raise unique personnel who can contribute to the industry sector.

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